In case you use your clock in offline mode without connection to the internet, the clock can’t update its firmware from the internet. So the only way how to get the update is to temporarily get the clock connected to the internet – the easiest way is to use a hotspot on your phone for this purpose.

There are two options for connecting the clock to the mobile hotspot – renaming your phone to a network that the clock knows. The second is to tell the clock credentials for the hotspot.

Renaming your phone to a network the clock already knows

The clock that is in the default online mode constantly searches around for available Wi-Fi networks. Since firmware version 1.024, the clock can connect to a Wi-Fi network called backupnetwork with a password backupnetwork. Just rename your phone’s hotspot and change the password, and the clock will connect within a few minutes.

Detail of the hotspot configuration:

Telling the clock credentials to your phone hotspot

This option takes longer to set up, so it is worthwhile only when you repeatedly connect the clock to the hotspot.

  1. Establish the hotspot on the phone A
  2. Switch your clock into the listening mode
  3. Take another wi-fi enabled device B (phone, laptop, tablet) and open our configuration website , iOS or Android app.
  4. Connect device B to the clock and transfer credentials for the A to the clock
  5. The clock will connect to the internet using the hotspot on A and download the update (if the update is available).
  6. Once the update finishes, switch the clock batch to offline mode.