Sometimes there is no Wifi network to connect the clock to (e.g. a cottage or a yacht) and it is not possible to operate the clock in online mode. In such a case, you can use Direct Connect mode to configure the parameters of the clock.

The clock itself behaves like an access point (AP) allowing you to connect to its WiFi network. To use Direct Connect mode, first get either our iOS app or Android app.

Open the app and switch to the My Clocks tab. There is no need to have a user account to use Direct Connect mode. Hit the Direct Connect button and follow the instructions to switch your clock into Listening Mode.

The configuration parameters in Direct Mode are identical to regular online mode. However, there are some differences. You can notice a “Set time” button, this serves to transfer current time from your mobile device to the clock. This is especially helpful when the clock is in Offline mode, because in this case the clock has no other source of time to sync with. If you set the time via Direct connect and the clock subsequently reconnects to the internet, its time is synced from the internet.

Another new button is “Disconnect from the cloud” – when you hit this button, the clock will be switched to Offline mode which means that it will disconnect from your WiFi router (if it is connected) and operate without connection to the internet. In this case, it is necessary to manually sync the time occasionally to keep it accurate.