The Listening mode is a feature that helps the clock to receive WiFi credentials, so it can connect to your WiFi router.

When the clock is in Listening mode, it disconnects from a WiFi router (if it was connected already) and starts its own WiFi access point. Once the clock is switched to Listening mode, you can see it in a list of WiFi networks as NX2-XXXX where XXXX is the serial number of your clock and you can observe a blue flashing pattern on the System LED. Also, digit 1 should be running from left to right.

Switching the clock to the Listening mode

The clock is switched to the Listening mode by powering it off during a startup sequence and powering it on again. This is done by this sequence:

  1. Unplug the clock’s power adapter from the power outlet but keep the adapter plugged into the clock.
  2. Plug the power adaptor into the power outlet, wait for the startup sequence (00:00:00 -> 11:11:11 -> 22:22:22 etc.. displayed on the clock), unplug the power adaptor during that sequence. If the clock switches to time mode, it is too late, you need to start from #1.
  3. Plug the power adaptor into the power outlet, the clock now starts in Listening mode and you can see digit 1 running from left to right.

Exiting the Listening mode

Just power cycle the clock – unplug the power adaptor and plug it back. The clock will start in a regular Time mode.