We have an iOS application that allows our customers to fully control our clocks. The application is compatible with iPhones and iPads.

To download the application, please follow this link:

Home screen

When you start the app, you are situated on a home screen. In portrait mode, there are three tabs on the bottom of the screen – Home, My Clock, and Help. The Home button brings you back to the home screen. My clock button moves you to clock settings and connection. The help button opens our web-based documentation. The home screen displays actual time using nixie tubes graphics.

Portrait mode

Landscape mode

My Clock

The second tab is called My Clock and it provides the main functionality of the app. It will get you through the connection process of the clock as well as the configuration of the clock.


The Help tab opens our web-based documentation on http://docs.daliborfarny.com.

Last modified: 1 November 2021