Blub Nixie Clock is a single nixie tube clock, it utilizes one nixie tube to display full time in HH:MM format by switching from one digit to another. The time is displayed as a sequence of digits, e.g. time 10:45 is shown as 1-pause-0-pause-4-pause-5-long-pause.

Blub displaying time 02:26Blub displaying time 02:26

Technical specification

Power input: 5V @ 250mA (mini USB connector)

Power consumption: 1.25W

The expected lifespan of the nixie tube: over 15 years


The clock contains two buttons on the back, the ADJ button, and the SET button. All configuration parameters are accessible over this interface. More information is available on the Configuration page. Another option is using the USB interface for the configuration of the clock, more here: USB interface.


The clock contains a high accuracy RTC module (DS3231) with accuracy ±2ppm (maximum ±1 minute per year). The RTC module is battery-backed, the CR2032 battery will last more than 10 years. The battery doesn’t discharge when the clock is powered but will lose some energy over time. Note: the battery provides energy only for the RTC module, not for the clock itself (to display numbers).

Package Contents

1x Blub Nixie Clock

1x Power adapter

1x USB cable

1x User guide