The USB interface on the Blub Nixie Clock provides additional functionality:

  • Firmware update
  • Faster/easier settings of the clock parameters
  • Access to additional parameters of the clock

To control the clock over USB, you can use either a serial line (Putty, Hterm, etc..) or our Windows app.

Application for Windows

blub app

Serial Communication

Configuration of the serial line connection:

  • 8 data bits, no parity, one stop bit (default Arduino settings)
  • 9600 bps

Parameters for serial communication:

  • v: print version of current firmware in the clock and its compilation date
  • e: clear EEPROM and all settings in the clock
  • d: display a custom number, e.g. d6 displays 6 on the tube, d10 returns the clock back to time mode
  • t: set the time by giving a UNIX timestamp as an input, e.g. t1570323600
  • f: set format: f1 for 12h, f2 for 24h
  • s: set display speed (1-9), e.g. s1 to fastest, s9 slowest
  • m: set transition of the display (values 1-3)
  • n: set night mode brightness (1-9)
  • o: set day mode brightness (1-9)
  • r: set night mode time range (HHhh) in 24h time format, e.g. r2107 to set the range from 21:00 to 07:00
  • z: set a time-zone (behavior of DST), values 1-6 (1: NO DST, 2:US-style DST, 3:EU-Style DST, 4:Mexico, 5:Australia, 6:New Zealand)