Zen Nixie Clock

How it works

The Zen Nixie Clock is equipped with a wireless Wi-Fi module which provides internet connectivity for the clock.

The clock can be used in two modes – online (connected to the cloud) and offline. In online mode, time is automatically synchronized from internet. Online mode also allows user to access all settings using internet browser (Clock online interface) and keep the clock updates thanks to automatic firmware updates. In offline mode, all the settings (including time) are done by rotary knob on the back of the clock or using Direct Connect.

The clock doesn’t need internet to run, internet serves only as a source of time and provides settings interface. When internet goes down, the clock continues to run, it just isn’t synchronized and is not accessible in Clock online interface. Once internet is available again, the clock reconnects to our cloud and continues in time sync as usual.

The WiFi credentials (SSID – network name and password) are transferred to the clock on the beginning, the clock stores them in permanent memory. When the clock is turned on, it will seek for known network to connect to (up to 7 networks can be stored in memory), so it doesn’t need your attention anymore until you change the router password.


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